Learn About the Biotech Startups Podcast

Each episode, we speak with a different guest from the life sciences industry, including scientists, founders, biotech investors, and more. Listeners can gain valuable insights into navigating an ever-changing industry in each guest series.
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Excedr's Beginnings

We've spent over a decade working with and supporting the life sciences industry, including established labs, newly-founded biotechs, contract research organizations, and more.

Through our experiences underwriting businesses, leasing lab equipment, and supporting companies as they grow, we have come to understand the difficulties of navigating the biotech industry and its many hurdles.

Research and development is the bedrock of scientific commercialization, turning an idea into a potentially amazing business opportunity that can change the world for the better, having a real impact on people's lives.

We do what we can as a leasing company and alternative source of non-dilutive funding to support scientists in their endeavors and provide high-quality lab equipment to the next generation of founders in the life sciences.

The Podcast's Goal

More and more researchers are making the change from academia to industry, in turn fostering a new generation of scientist-entrepreneurs that are interested in bringing innovative products to market.

By starting The Biotech Startups Podcast, we hope to provide as much insight as possible for the next generation of biotech founders. Insight they can use throughout their entrepreneurial journey, no matter which part of the journey their on.

And by speaking with a wide range of guests, we hope to deliver as much insight as possible into an industry with unique challenges and paths to success.

Ultimately, our goal is to help founders on their journey as they look to commercialize their science and technology and make a lasting impact on our world.

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Meet Your Host

Learn more about Jon Chee, host of the Biotech Startups Podcast and CEO and Co-Founder of Excedr.

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