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See who we've had on The Biotech Startups Podcast and listen to all of their episodes. Guests include a wide range of leaders in the life sciences who bring valuable insights to the world of biotechnology and startups through their own experiences in the industry.

Martin Brenner
Martin Brenner
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Jeff Kim headshot
Jeff Kim
Slingshot Biosciences
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Stephanie Sirota headshot
Stephanie Sirota
RTW Investments
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Kittu Kolluri headshot
Kittu Kolluri
Neotribe Ventures
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Fengru Lin headshot
Fengru Lin
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Sandy Paige headshot
Sandy Paige
Seabright Ventures Fund
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Headshot of Jacob Glanville
Jacob Glanville
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Headshot of Steve Visco
Steve Visco
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Headshot of James Evans
James Evans
PhenoVista Biosciences
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Headshot of Alok Tayi
Alok Tayi
Vibe Bio
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Headshot of Maneesh Jain
Maneesh Jain
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Jeff Kim | Slingshot Biosciences | Part 3

Bucking the Status Quo | Raising Capital During Peak COVID | How To Find & Retain Great Talent | Building Partnerships with Distributors

Jeff Kim | Slingshot Biosciences | Part 2

Working Toward One Goal In Industry | How Great Loss Prompted Professional Growth | Transitioning From a Basement Lab to a Thriving Company | A 6-Month Startup Idea Exceeding 12 Years of Operation

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