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Martin Brenner | iBio | Part 1

How Childhood Influences Shape Career Paths | Unexpected Crossovers Between Engineering & Veterinary Clinics | Eli Lilly Nurturing His Professional Development | Communication Can Make or Break Leadership

Jeff Kim | Slingshot Biosciences | Part 3

Bucking the Status Quo | Raising Capital During Peak COVID | How To Find & Retain Great Talent | Building Partnerships with Distributors

Jeff Kim | Slingshot Biosciences | Part 2

Working Toward One Goal In Industry | How Great Loss Prompted Professional Growth | Transitioning From a Basement Lab to a Thriving Company | A 6-Month Startup Idea Exceeding 12 Years of Operation

Jeff Kim | Slingshot Biosciences | Part 1

Parental Freedom, Curiosity, & Self-Teaching | Music Accentuating a Passion for Science | The Benefits of Graduate Responsibilities as an Undergrad | Finding Fit & Balancing Research & the Arts

Stephanie Sirota | RTW Investments | Part 3

The Emergence of Crossover Rounds | Building & Explaining Your Investment Thesis | Creating a .600 Batting Average Investment Fund | Transparency Between Investor & Founder | How to Get LPs to Say “Yes”

Stephanie Sirota | RTW Investments | Part 2

Understanding Investment Banking’s Role in the Biosciences | Finding the Benefits of Your Uniqueness | Unexpected Pivots & Finding Passion in Your Work | Advice on Dealing with Bear Markets

Stephanie Sirota | RTW Investments | Part 1

Early Influences on Leadership Style | Competitive Tennis Fosters Professional Drive | The Inverse Importance of Coaching | The Ending of a Dream to Open New Doors | Organically Choosing Your Track & Finding the Hook of Your Story

Kittu Kolluri | Neotribe Ventures | Part 3

Influence vs Control as a VC | Being a Leader in Venture vs a Leader in a Company | Starting Neotribe as a Passionate Rage Against the Status Quo | Sunk Cost vs Opportunity Cost | Optimizing Customer Acquisition

Kittu Kolluri | Neotribe Ventures | Part 2

The Importance of Co-Authoring a Culture Statement | The Difference Between Leadership & Management | Raising Funds in Down-Market Conditions | The Value of Authenticity & Intellectual Curiosity

Kittu Kolluri | Neotribe Ventures | Part 1

Entrepreneurship as a First-Generation Immigrant | Working & Growing at Silicon Graphics | Learning From Mistakes & Pride of Ownership | The Dangers of Company Microcultures

Fengru Lin | TurtleTree | Part 3

The Value of Early HR for Company Building | Creating a People-First Work Culture | Refocusing to Reach Commercialization Sooner | Navigating Seed Series Fundraising

Fengru Lin | TurtleTree | Part 2

Salesforce’s Customer-Centric Sales Motion | The Value of Knowing Your Audience in Every Conversation | Why Executive Buy-In Matters | How a Hobby Led to TurtleTree’s Founding Idea