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Latest Episodes

Mark Kotter - - Part 2

Navigating Between the Clinical & Research Worlds | Lessons in Combining Different Fields | The Evolution of Cell Therapies | Transitioning from Academia to Entrepreneurship

Mark Kotter - - Part 1

Childhood Experiences in Different Countries | Overcoming Dyslexia & Developing Math Skills | Pivoting His Career to Science and Medicine | Facilitating Curiosity Via Research & Lab Experiences

Quin Wills - Ochre Bio - Part 4

Quin’s Journey Through Y Combinator | The Role of Empathy in Team Dynamics | Adapting in a Shifting Biotech Industry | Ochre Bio’s Fundraising Journey & Future Plans

Quin Wills - Ochre Bio - Part 3

University of Oxford’s Single Cell Consortium | The Pitfalls of Californian Entrepreneurships | Dinner Table Origins of Ochre Bio | The Laws that Guide Ochre Bio

Quin Wills - Ochre Bio - Part 2

Pursuing Dual Masters at Oxford & Cambridge | Moving from Genomics to RNA Research | Balancing Academia & Entrepreneurship | The Challenges of Product-Market Fit in Biotech

Quin Wills - Ochre Bio - Part 1

Childhood Moments in Johannesburg | A Passion for Science Grows with an Evolving Society | Academic Experience in Biology and Genetics | Exposure to Bioinformatics and Big Data

Grant Aarons - FabricNano - Part 3

Meeting His Co-Founder at Entrepreneur First | Importance of Sales to the Scientific Community | Disrupting the Petrochemical Industry | The Dark Horse of Biology, Synthetic Biology

Grant Aarons - FabricNano - Part 2

The Defensibility of Software Companies | Studying Econometrics at London Business School | Joining Entrepreneur First | Becoming a Biotech Startup CEO & Navigating the Startup Journey