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We publish new episodes bi-weekly and bring on a wide range of guests, from first-time founders, experienced scientists, and long-time company operators to serial entrepreneurs and biotech investors.

Hear about the challenges and triumphs of running a biotech startup and gain actionable insight into navigating the life sciences industry as we explore the business of science, from pre-seed to IPO.

Recently Aired

Alok Tayi | Founder of Vibe Bio | Part 3

Biotech2050 Podcast Origins | Facilitating Innovation Conversations in Biotech | VibeBio’s Mission & Funding Cures Instead of Finding Them | Non-Linear Growth & Thinking Long Term

Alok Tayi | Founder of Vibe Bio | Part 2

Transitioning Into Entrepreneurship | The Importance of Sales Experience for Founders | The Power of a .edu Email | Managing Personnel During Hyperscaling

Alok Tayi | Founder of Vibe Bio | Part 1

Combining Software & Science | The Influence of Serendipity on Trajectory | The Importance of Mentors | Making an Impact & Solving Problems

James Evans | CEO & Founder of PhenoVista Biosciences | Part 3

Being a Scrappy Founder | Adapting to Change & Learning to Pivot | The Importance of Professional Business Development | Setting Client Expectations

James Evans | CEO & Founder of PhenoVista Biosciences | Part 2

Leaving Academia for Industry | How to Handle Miscommunication | Creating a Truly Diverse Company Culture | Being Bootstrapped & Forging a Business Model in the Real World

James Evans | CEO & Founder of PhenoVista Biosciences | Part 1

Skateboarding, Resilience, & Problem Solving | The Importance of Hands-On Lab Experiences | The Elegant Simplicity of Trial & Error | Running the Whitehead Institute’s Core Facility

Steve Visco | CEO & CTO of PolyPlus | Part 3

Government Grants | The Importance of Storytelling for STEM Startups | Venture Capital vs Non-Dilutive Funding | How To Gain Strategic Corporate Interest Domestically & Abroad

Steve Visco | CEO & CTO of PolyPlus | Part 2

Global Competition | Defending & Monetizing Your Intellectual Property | Dealing With Patent Trolls & Needing Multiple Patents Per Technology | The Importance of Global IP Strategy for Startups

About The Biotech Startups Podcast

The life sciences industry has evolved significantly since its inception, shaping different ways people conduct, fund, and commercialize promising science and technology.

The many iterations of success and failure have produced countless journeys from discovery to IPO, supporting the idiosyncratic nature of building a biotech around something innovative.

More and more researchers make the change from academia to industry, fostering a new generation of entrepreneurs interested in bringing innovative products to market. We created the Biotech Startups podcast to support this new generation of founders.

A headshot of Jon Chee, the Biotech Startups Podcast host.
Jon Chee
CEO & Podcast Host
Jon graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Molecular Toxicology and founded Excedr in the labs on campus. As host, he takes a closer look at the notoriously demanding life science industry.
About Jon Chee

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