Mike Stadnisky

Mike Stadnisky

Thielsen Capital

Mike Stadnisky is the Managing Director of Thielsen Capital, a seed-stage financing syndicate network bringing together life science investors, operators, and innovators to drive exceptional outcomes for founding teams, investors, and science. Before Thielsen, Mike was the CEO of Phitonex, which Thermo Fisher acquired. He was also VP & GM of Informatics at BD Life Sciences and was the CEO of FlowJo before its acquisition by BD. He has taught at MIT Sloan, authored 10 patents, and won the 2019 International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry Innovation Award.

Mike Stadnisky - Thielsen Capital - Part 3

Don’t Fake it ‘Til you Make It | Cleaning Your Corporate “Underwear” | Thielsen’s Investment Philosophy | The Critical Importance of Alignment

Mike Stadnisky - Thielsen Capital - Part 2

Transitioning from Lab Bench to Industry | Breaking Into Business Development | Finding Decision Makers & Champions | Navigating Partnerships & Strategy

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Familial Exposure to Business & Science at a Young Age | The Importance of “Care Before You Share” | Actively Managing Your Time | A PhD is a 10,000 Hour Degree

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